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One of the reasons people put their trust in Genesis Wealth Solutions is our financial security planning process, which we call our REVELATION planning process.

We don’t assume an end point for our clients before we begin, nor do we paint their situation with the same brush as with other clients. Our REVELATION planning process starts with a lot of questions, questions that differ based on who the client is and where they stand with respect to any planning they might have done before. After examining the various risk points that might exist in a client’s current financial situation, we outline where they want to be, and we apply consistent planning and investment principles to develop a plan that is individually tailored for the client. The best advice we can provide is based on a plan built on principles and implemented with our process. Why is it one of the best possible pieces of advice? Because it’s the financial security advice that most fits the client’s circumstances, it’s objective and it’s holistic. The principles are consistent and identifiable, and the process is consistent and disciplined. The plan is simply what brings it all together.


Principles + Process = Your Plan

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