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What people are saying

“...Mark did a great job in helping us to improve our employee Group Benefits plan while bringing additional value to our employees....”

“...I feel that he puts our interests above all else in his dealings with us.....”

“...Ryan was able to guide us in making the best decisions with his financial knowledge and understanding...”

“...Mark put a plan in place that ensures my wife and I will be on solid financial footing well into our 90s, and beyond...”

“...Ryan has been extremely patient, understanding and always willing to re-explain a concept ...”

“...Paula outlined my options to help ... manage my income to allow me the chance to travel and maintain my home. ...”


Genesis Wealth Solutions Inc.

“Start Protecting What Matters Most”

Genesis Wealth Solutions Inc. is a full-service financial security planning firm serving southern Ontario businesses, business owners, professionals, families and individuals. We address the unique needs of all clients to put them on the right path to achieving their financial security goals. One area of particular expertise is in helping business owners, professionals and high net-worth individuals to help maximize asset value, reduce taxes and to ensure that assets are passed tax efficiently and effectively to the next generation.

Genesis Wealth Solutions Inc. represents Freedom 55 Financial, a division of The Canada Life Assurance Company.

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Representing Freedom 55 Financial, a division of The Canada Life Assurance Company
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